Let a candy station anchor your theme, add sweet whimsy

Mar 09, 2015

Remember Willie Wonka’s chocolate factory? There’s something about an unlimited smorgasbord of candy that brings out the kid in everyone. Most of us have a bit of a sweet tooth, and the colors and textures of a candy display evoke deep feelings of anticipation, pleasure, excitement and even a touch of naughtiness. We may be going out on a limb here, but we’d like to suggest that these are just the emotions you want to inspire at your next event.

A candy station or buffet is also a great way to reinforce your theme. One of our clients wanted a recent party to reflect their branding as an entertainment destination. We took the idea of the movie theater experience and translated it into a festive concession stand with Junior Mints, Red Vines, Raisinets, Dots, gummy candy, M&Ms, and a multitude of different flavors of popcorn in striped paper bags. Guests helped themselves to all the treats they wanted, giddy as…well…a kid in a candy store.

A brilliant way to anchor a theme, a candy buffet can serve as both décor and dessert. To enhance the VIP dressing room at a costume fundraiser with a Carnival Wonderland theme, we laid a multilevel buffet of cupcakes, jellybeans, lollipops and chocolates, then studded the surrounding side tables with miniature goblets of candy corn, M&Ms and gumdrops. As revelers put the finishing touches on their hair, make-up and costumes for the evening, they nibbled on sweet treats to boost their energy for a party that went ‘til the wee hours (and raised a record-breaking amount of money for a good cause).

In sweet summary: Smart party hosts never underestimate the power of candy.