Oprah ‘Lives Her Best Life’

Oprah ‘Lives Her Best Life’ With 6000 Fans on Maui

There are few celebrities with the charisma, respect and wide-ranging influence of Oprah Winfrey. So when she headlined the statewide launch of an innovative new partnership between Hawaii’s largest health insurance provider, HMSA, and the mobile app Sharecare, it was national news.  

HMSA asked for Blake Entertainment’s assistance with two crucial aspects of the launch. 

For Oprah’s one-hour Live Your Best Life address on Maui, we wanted to create a set and backdrop that was truly “Oprah-worthy.” It had to radiate health. It had to have a decidedly Hawaiian feel, without being clichéd. And it had to be constructed piece by piece on a remote island. Our network of local contractors and floral designers created a verdant stage with a living green vertical backdrop flanked by live palms and fresh monstera leaves. A lush intertwining of fresh orchids in lime green, magenta, yellow and white spilled from the wall’s top edge, picking up the colors in Oprah’s wardrobe. After her talk, a comfortable, island-style sofa and chair with lots of pillows provided the setting for an intimate interview with Sharecare’s CEO. 

But the most perfect set in the world is nothing without an audience. Oprah attracted 6000 fans and we knew it would be vital to make their entrance to the event as pleasant and seamless as possible: first impressions are everything. We deployed a team of 12 hosts in Sharecare logo shirts, bearing iPads to enable lightning-fast check-in. The entire audience was seated and happily awaiting Oprah, right on time.

Oprah, Maui and the healthy inhabitants of Hawaii never looked better!

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