Pa'ina for Anaha

Traditional pa'ina goes upscale

Where the land meets the sea, a stunning residential condominium is poised to add a luxurious new profile to the Honolulu skyline. How to celebrate this architectural wonder?


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A Morning Steeped in Tradition

Here in the islands, many expect a Hawaiian blessing and groundbreaking. For Anaha Tower at Ward Village, Blake Entertainment took the concept and rendered it beautifully upscale. After a morning steeped in tradition, including a blessing by members of the Kaleikini family whose ancestors first lived on the land and the ceremonial piercing of the earth with Hawaiian o'o (digging sticks), we crowned the day with a posh, joyful pa'ina (party) for the ages. 

Ground breaking at Anaha

Where tradition meets luxury

Hawaii's reputation for hospitality is legendary, and since this event was designed to welcome future owners at Anaha, we made it memorable. Guests were met by the musical styling of Theresa Bright and the gorgeous, gracious trio of Miss Hawaii, Miss Maui and Miss Valley Isle; dressed in elegant white, they offered a traditional lei greeting. Decor was refined yet awe-inspiring. Avoiding the cliche of  busy tropical prints, the long, low kings' tables were draped in a subtle custom-made yellow tone-on-tone design, accented with white runners for a clean, courtly Hawaiian look. The fresh yellow and white was echoed overhead: fragrant strands of plumeria blossoms cascaded in floral chandeliers from ultra-high tent tops, perfuming the air with a quintessential scent of Old Hawaii. Wait staff wore white on white aloha print embroidered with the Ward Village logo and embellished with a customary Hawaiian sash. Details were impeccable, down to the earth-friendly bamboo "china," koa wood serving platters and koa-framed placards providing information on the entertainment, artisans and Hawaiian practitioners. Ready for all contingencies but honoring the theme of gracious, old-style authenticity, Blake Entertainment had 200 woven lauhala hand fans available in case the afternoon breezes needed a nudge.

Unique refreshments kept guests cool as well. An 'awa-maker demonstrated his craft, grinding peppery kava root into the relaxing drink that is consumed throughout the Pacific Islands, then serving it to guests in the customary half-shell of a coconut. Fresh coconut milk and other celebratory beverages (such as fine wines and Champagne) were offered as well. The array of food showcased just a few of the standouts in our proprietary vendor network, including a poke and oyster bar from Oahu's Poke Stop presented in a 20' outrigger canoe; cuisine inspired by traditional luau fare from Hale Aina Catering; and delicate tropical desserts from MW Restaurant.

As the sun set and hula dancers swayed, guests raised their glasses in a toast, ushering in a new standard of luxury in island living.