Polo Party

The breathtaking Waimanalo Polo Fields venue is available exclusively to Blake Entertainment clients, and there is nothing like this setting in all the islands. Here, in a swath of green nestled between the Pacific Ocean and the soaring Koolau Mountain Range, our client experienced a taste of unparalleled Hawaiian legacy—an exciting, elegant afternoon Polo Party steeped in tradition and full of luxurious surprises. 

First a bit of history: Often referred to as the “Sport of Kings,” polo is a captivating display of horsemanship once enjoyed only by royalty. The tradition of polo in Hawaii has its own thrilling history dating back over 125 years, when international polo masters first gathered to compete in the islands.

The Experience before the Experience

On this afternoon, our client’s adventure began with a breathtaking motor tour along the rugged Ka Iwi Coast. Off to the southeast, whales and dolphins leapt; beyond them the islands of Molokai, Maui and the Big Island hovered on the horizon. Passing the Makapuu Lighthouse and the beach below, site of the famed seaside embrace in “From Here to Eternity,” rocky outcroppings gave way to quaint Hawaiian homesteads and green pastures framed by the Koolau Mountains’ near-vertical slopes.

Then, in just 30 minutes (yet a world away from Honolulu and Waikiki), 500 guests found themselves in the country. Arriving at the main entrance of the Waimanalo Polo Fields, they disembarked to a warm welcome and a cool beverage. To memorialize the day, guests (ladies adorned in extravagant hats and smartly dressed gentlemen in their summer suits) posed for photographs with the majestic Koolaus in the background, then were escorted by pretty polo girls across the pitch to the Club House. Luxury cars parked on either side of the path created a stunning aisle and set the mood for more “horsepower” to come. Ensconced beneath tenting and festive market umbrellas, where event sponsors were showcased in their own lounge areas, they enjoyed music, a tantalizing selection of small plates from six of Hawaii’s most celebrated chefs, passed oysters, sliders and scallops, and custom champagne cocktails.

VIP Landing and High-end Horsepower

Suddenly, drivers revved the luxury cars and moved them en masse to flank the field, where private helicopters swooped down from the sky to deliver the event’s host and the top international polo players from each team. Guests delighted in getting up close and personal to meet the players and their horses, tacked out in fine English saddles, polo bridles, martingales and colorful foreleg wraps. Meanwhile, our jovial announcer built anticipation with an informative explanation of the match to come. 

And then it began! From the throw-in that started the first chukker (period), an exhilarating play-by-play heightened the action as the horses thundered down the field. Adding to the excitement, large flat-screen TVs were mounted throughout the bar, streaming the live broadcast of the match. Guests toasted each goal and basked in the beauty of Waimanalo. At halftime, a fashion show featuring polo-inspired outfits and high-end vehicle logo attire (Porsche, Ferrari) lit up the winners’ circle, which then became the site of a gala awards ceremony after the game.

As the sun dipped behind the Koolaus, post-match pulses returned to normal and sated guests were presented with a refreshing bottle of spring water for the journey home…no doubt spent reflecting on an unforgettable day of prestige polo at its finest.