Summer Brokers Bash


Blake Entertainment breaks all boundaries on "the big reveal," taking an incentive event to a new level at a real estate brokers extravaganza.


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A Model Celebration

The Courtyard at the IBM Building boasts a stunning oceanfront location. However multiple water features cut into available functional space. Our solution was to have guests walk on water...literally. Rather than let the space limit us, we built the bar and several stages right over a main water feature. Mini stages were each home to enticingly clad models highlighting prizes that brokers could enter to win--for instance a model in PJs for the luxury hotel stay, or a couple in cut-out wet suits for the stand-up paddle board.

The models provided irresistible real time interaction and photo ops as guests live-tweeted event hashtags and uploaded photos to a streaming display in the entry. DJ Betty provided the beat from a packed dance floor, food and beverages flowed in abundance, and excitement rose to a fever pitch as the host took the stage...and then? 

The element of surprise is priceless. Timing is everything.

The obligatory speech. Time for a bathroom break? Certainly not. At this event, what can often be a lull was anything but. A delicious tension mounted as our client addressed the crowd of 250 premier Hawaii real estate brokers in front of a huge logo wall proclaiming the "Summer Brokers Bash." A hushed silence and then: cannons exploded with smoke and sound and lights as a sleek black 2014 Tesla Model S burst through what had only seemed to be a solid custom logo wall. Gasps and cheers turned to screams when the Vice President of Development stepped out from behind the wheel to announce that the top producer would drive the Tesla home.

The element of surprise is priceless. Timing is everything. Blake Entertainment orchestrated a jaw-dropping climax that took the incentive event to a whole new level.